Saturday, April 5, 2008

haha my big lil bro trynna hide from tha camer...h just made himself loo stupid, m sis is in tha back hand on her face
thats a nice car rite? i wish it was mine so i could rep them active MUSTANGS all the time everywhere. h3@v!!
That's my house. Yes i hav payd a bill b4, but that happens rarely ever, but i think it still gives m th rite to call it my house. Dont try to stalk me!

After a game we went to Churchs Chicken...this is just a pic so u kno sumwat what it looks like (from slanted view). I was bored an i like how the pic came out even tho it looks quite dirty, it shows how it really truely is.

Do u like my Pak~Pak? I do if u dot then ur sum wat of a!)
Some people thought that was me...but its reall my 9 yr ol sister.Isnt she cute. I luvs her dimples.