Tuesday, May 20, 2008

this is the place wher u search for people on myspace....i go on this to connect with people i dnt see all the time.Sometimes i write ta people to say stuff i forgot or i cant say in person.We also have a profile thta is customized our own way and we can add pix,videos and etc.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

haha my big lil bro trynna hide from tha camer...h just made himself loo stupid, m sis is in tha back hand on her face
thats a nice car rite? i wish it was mine so i could rep them active MUSTANGS all the time everywhere. h3@v!!
That's my house. Yes i hav payd a bill b4, but that happens rarely ever, but i think it still gives m th rite to call it my house. Dont try to stalk me!

After a game we went to Churchs Chicken...this is just a pic so u kno sumwat what it looks like (from slanted view). I was bored an i like how the pic came out even tho it looks quite dirty, it shows how it really truely is.

Do u like my Pak~Pak? I do if u dot then ur sum wat of a losr...lol(LOSER!)