Tuesday, May 20, 2008

this is the place wher u search for people on myspace....i go on this to connect with people i dnt see all the time.Sometimes i write ta people to say stuff i forgot or i cant say in person.We also have a profile thta is customized our own way and we can add pix,videos and etc.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

haha my big lil bro trynna hide from tha camer...h just made himself loo stupid, m sis is in tha back hand on her face
thats a nice car rite? i wish it was mine so i could rep them active MUSTANGS all the time everywhere. h3@v!!
That's my house. Yes i hav payd a bill b4, but that happens rarely ever, but i think it still gives m th rite to call it my house. Dont try to stalk me!

After a game we went to Churchs Chicken...this is just a pic so u kno sumwat what it looks like (from slanted view). I was bored an i like how the pic came out even tho it looks quite dirty, it shows how it really truely is.

Do u like my Pak~Pak? I do if u dot then ur sum wat of a losr...lol(LOSER!)
Some people thought that was me...but its reall my 9 yr ol sister.Isnt she cute. I luvs her dimples.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

on the freeway,going to my cousins house for her birthday(3/8/08)
there's the b-day girl ashlee, shes FAT!
this was at school for one of my sister's birthdays. one of the teachers let us use his class to have our party in at lunch.
Look at my thickness listening to his headphones, he knows he's all that and a bag of chips...lol
thats my sister ladaja's little peter...she just got done going poddy.

Monday, March 24, 2008

my friend lariesha was sleep in class, we had nothing to do anyways

I am a R.3.). R.{}.$.3. Real Educated Dymez Really On Something Else

Celeste aka Classy C Rose she isone of my bestees

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

dont the matching shoes make the shot all tha better? you kno tha whole fit had to be like that... real nice huh.
thats my tonight outfit is it spicy or wat?!...i think so!LMJAO
thats my dinner from Churches...like you see i couldnt stop myself from eating that tastey biscuit. mmmmm.i wish i had more rite now...yummy!
hey look at us,thats me and my cuzo,dont we look like twins...in that big cheezy smile.we were having fun it wuz after her powder puff game,as you can tell she wuz one of the football players

for this picture i wuz just messing with the color and brightness. at first i was playing around and having fun and then i liked my and product.  usually you wouldnt want to mess with all of that because it can end up horrible...just remember,i had no idea what i wuz doing

Thursday, March 13, 2008

he aktive ,he mah lil homie...lol
...................................hey look at me! or us lol lmjo lol lmjo lol lmjo lol lmjo...................................

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

this pic is of my noni (anissa) and my nee nee (ashley).

new pic

That's ME !!

This is my blog!

I am in a class called digital reporting. It's after school, usually at my school. I decided to take this class because i'd like for my pictures to come out better and/or so i can make them look better by changing them on the computer. Things that i have learned during our first couple of weeks are : how to hold a camera correctly, the kind of light to be in, backgrounds, distractions, and etc.